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Barcelona Gaudí eBike Tour

Barcelona Highlights eBike tour: join us to experience Barcelona through Gaudí’s eyes. On this tour you will hear anecdotes from Gaudís life. We will inform you so that you can perceive a deeper understanding of his fantastic architecture and gain an idea of how his four big passions influenced his style.

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Sagrada Familia
eBike Sagrada Familia
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Sagrada Familia eBike Tour

Sagrada Familia eBike (electric bike) Tour: We designed the Sagrada Família tour for the ones that have a special interest in Gaudís Master piece.

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Fine wine tasting ebike tour
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Fine Wine Tasting eBike Tour

Fine Wine tasting eBike (electric bike) Tour: Immerse yourself in the bohemian most ancient neighborhoods of the city and taste the best wines of the region, served by a wine expert.

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Bohemian eBike Tour
Bohemian eBike Tour
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Picasso & Bohemian Barcelona by eBike Tour

Bohemian Neighborhoods eBike (electric bike) Tour: Enjoy the Barcelona oldest neighborhoods, the Barceloneta beach and the gothic  hidden corners in the this amazing itinerary we have created for you.

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